Canadian Commercial Fashion Photographer


A Photographer's Confession: Stepping out from Behind the Camera

To be outstanding, get comfortable with being uncomfortable
— Alrik Kondenburg

Why is it so important to be uncomfortable? Don't we strive our entire lives to be comfortable? To have enough money, love, material possessions, success, and a sense of belonging?  But when you really think about it, all of those things don't come from being comfortable our entire lives. It's in the uncomfortable moments that we learn and grow, and it's the little push out of our comfort zones we give our selves every single day that make us stronger and eventually more successful.

Honestly, my whole life I have felt uncomfortable. From being a dancer and feeling like my body wasn't perfect, to modelling and just constantly comparing and thinking I wasn't beautiful, or even struggling through public speaking for work and throughout University.  As of late, I've been constantly seeking surrender to a quiet life after feeling drained from pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Being behind the camera has really allowed that life. I don't have to be the pretty one, or perfect - I can just focus on my work and quietly produce the best product possible with no self or social judgement. 

I've photographed so many people who do great things in our city, encouraging them to be the proud face of their business, their company, or their agency, helping them to shine in their photos so that 2D bit of themselves conveys their dynamic personalities to potential clients. Yet, when it came to my business, there I was, stuck in my comfort zone behind the camera without a single photo of myself on my website. I justified it by saying I let my work speak for itself, but in actuality, it's because as my family and close friends know, I am hardest on myself and always have been.  Well I'm done with that, and I'm ready to let go of the worry and the doubt. I realize that my excessive self criticism is not helpful in pursuit of my goals, and I'm ready to be the face of my brand and build a relationship with you!

Expect to hear and see a lot more of me. My blog is heating up with great content and contributors, and I'd like to hear from you! What questions do you have about photography and what would you like to know? 

So there you have it. I'm ready to step out and be me...