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It's hard to believe the holidays are just around the corner! With mile long to do lists, Christmas parties and Christmas concerts.. you may have forgot to book holiday photos or pick up Christmas cards! Well.. no worries on the last one because I've got you covered! On December 3rd and 4th, I will be hosting holiday mini sessions which includes 10 digital images and 32 Christmas cards for only $175!

With the sessions coming up quickly, I thought I would pass along five tips to make the most of your mini session. Here they are:

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Believe it or not one of the most important factors to successful photos is wardrobe. It's so important in fact, that there are wardrobe stylists on sets to make sure everything fits, the colour palette works, and most importantly there are no wrinkles or stains.  

My tip for you is, find out what the palette of the scene is, and choose what style you would like. Do you want to be bold, monochromatic, perhaps goofy? Once that's decided, choose the main colour you would like to wear, and a couple other complimentary colours to add depth.  The final element to your wardrobe is texture - plan to layer your outfits by mixing prints and using unique textures.

2. Wear nice shoes!

Previous studio mini sessions have led me to make this a hot tip! If it's a studio shoot, make sure you're prepared with clean and dry shoes for your photos. Nothing ruins a photo more than grubby socks and a ballin' suit! Am i right?

3. Do some grooming and wear makeup!

If you're wanting the most polished looking image, there are a few grooming tips to help you look your best! First off, exfoliate your skin and moisturize (please no dry flaky skin), treat yourself to a manicure or at least have clean polished nails (that includes my men!), exfoliate your lips and moisturize, and ladies this may go with out saying but remember to shave and moisturize if you're gorgeous legs will be showing!

Now on the topic of makeup, this is what really determines if an image is polished! I highly recommend professional makeup as Makeup Artists (MUA) are trained to understand studio lighting, and have tips to make your features standout! If you need help finding a MUA, I know some great ones and I'll be happy to pass along their names!

4. Bring some posing ideas you'd like to try!

I will be guiding you through posing throughout your session, however if you have certain poses you would like to try - I am more than open to trying them! The most important thing to me is that you're happy, and comfortable so let's have some fun! If you are curious about different poses, I find Pinterest and a quick google search quite helpful and always deliver some fantastic ideas!

5. Don't overbook your day! 

Although these sessions are short and sweet, there is an element of anxiety involved with getting your photo taken. I know even for me I'm a little nervous at first, because I want to look my best and not look ridiculous! With that being said, it's best if you set aside some time to relax and get ready, because nothing fuels anxiety more than stress!

If there's anything I can leave you with, it's Mini Sessions are a great time! I'm going to have Christmas music playing and the fire roaring... you have nothing to worry about except to have a great Christmas photo experience with me!

- Nicole